Ranked 1st: Huawei sold 123.9 million units of smartphone in 2020

According to the IDC latest report, Huawei leads in the Chinese smartphone market with a total of 123.9 million units along with a 38.3% market share with an 11.2% decline compared to the 140.6 million smartphones and 38.4% share in 2019. Vivo gets second place with a total of 57.5 million units, Oppo sold 56 million and Apple comes fifth with 36.1 million units.

Meanwhile, the fourth-quarter results of the global smartphone market have shown a continuous decline in sales. However, performance results also show that Huawei has been surely affected by the U.S. sanctions, which reflects on its sales graph.

Report shows that the Chinese giant Huawei has maintained its top spot in the fourth quarter of 2020 by shipping 21.7 million units of smartphones and a 25.1% market share. There’s also a big decrease in the growth rate, which declined at 34.5%.

IDC Huawei report IDC sale report


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