Ren Zhengfei reply on the U.S. entity list question

Huawei’s official community released the “Ren Zhengfei 2020 World Economic Forum Speeches”, it includes some Q & A between Ren Zhengfei and the host at the 2020 World Economic Forum.

The host ’s main concern was Huawei ’s relationship with the United States, asking, “Do you know why the United States is so worried about China? Do you think this concern is reasonable?”

Ren Zhengfei replied: “I think the Chinese government may not have started to understand it. If these two countries start to think about it, they should start with basic education. Increase investment in research. At present, China’s education is actually along the way of industrial society. The education system mainly focuses on training engineers, so artificial intelligence cannot develop rapidly in China. Artificial intelligence requires a large number of mathematicians and physicists. , Biologists, chemists, etc., need a lot of supercomputers, super links, and memories. In these aspects, China is still a country that has just started in science and technology, so I think the United States has too much anxiety. The long-term US habit is The boss of the world believes that everything should be the best it can do. If someone does something well, it may be uncomfortable in his heart, but uncomfortable does not represent the trend of the world. ”

In addition, the moderator also paid attention to the consequences of the US sanctions on Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei replied: “The list of US entities that hit us last year did not help us much. We thought we were basically able to resist because we had already made some preparations over the past ten years. The United States may continue to make issues, but the impact will not be great. ”


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