Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s success is learned from the United States

After five years, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei returned to Davos and attended the “Forum Shaped by the Technological Arms Race” theme forum. Ren Zhengfei said at the meeting that technology is good, so humans do not need to be so panic about artificial intelligence.

What will happen to the US blacklisting Huawei?

Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei was originally a pro-American company. Most of Huawei’s management was so successful that it learned from the United States.

“From starting a business to now employing dozens of American consulting companies to teach Huawei to manage, the United States should be proud that the export of American culture has brought development to Huawei.” Ren Zhengfei mentioned.

Therefore, Ren Zhengfei said that the United States does not have to worry too much about Huawei’s growth in the world. The list of U.S. entities in 2019 will not have a big impact on Huawei’s. The US will be upgraded to a technological blow in 2020, but it will still have a small impact on Huawei. “With last year’s experience and team exercises, we are more confident and there will be no problems.”

Does the US blacklist Huawei mean that the world will split into polarization in the future? Ren Zhengfei believes that there will be no polarization because science is truth and truth is only one. But technological inventions are diversified, and technological progress is conducive to social progress.


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