UK decision in the Huawei 5G participation

Huawei Technologies has repeatedly been suppressed by the United States. Under pressure from the United States, the United Kingdom once said that it would kick Huawei out of the British 5G network. But unlike the United States, Britain’s will is obviously not so determined!

In a recent interview, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview: Britain can safeguard its national security interests while enjoying technological progress. As for whether Huawei can participate in the construction of 5G networks in Britain, the British government will make a final decision on January 28.

Boris Johnson said in an interview that he wanted to ensure “consumer interests” without compromising national infrastructure, security, and relations with other intelligence-sharing countries.

Boris Johnson pointed out that we have no reason to reject technological advances-state-of-the-art technology and communications that can benefit British consumers and businesses.

Since London time is about 7 hours behind Beijing time, we will see the final decision result later today.

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