HarmonyOS 2 and EMUI 12 Features: Super Device and Device Plus

Huawei’s latest HarmonyOS, a new operating system developed by HUAWEI, is not only an alternative to the widely used Android and iOS operating systems, but a new generation operating system designed for a wide range of smart devices.

At a time when we are using more and more smart devices, difficulties in connecting and interacting with them can lead to a “fragmented user experience” and reduce the efficiency and functionality of use, whether we are in work or entertainment mode.

To enable different smart devices to speak the same language, connect more easily, and work together better in all scenarios, HUAWEI has built the Super Device feature into its HarmonyOS.

Since the official launch, the global users expected to get this official version in many regions. However, it soon became clear that global users would use HarmonyOS on certain HUAWEI devices, including new models of tablets, smartwatches and speakers, while HarmonyOS phones would remain exclusive to the Chinese market until further notice. Launched for global smartphone users, the new EMUI 12 has been available on HUAWEI flagship phones since the beginning of the year after a period of beta testing.

Although there was initial confusion as to whether EMUI 12 was actually an Android adapted for HarmonyOS, it quickly became clear that EMUI 12 is much more than just a redesign and that it includes most of the features with a few differences by HarmonyOS. One of the features of EMUI 12 is Device+, which – similar to the Super Device feature in HarmonyOS – allows you to collaborate across multiple devices and turn the phone or tablet into a hub for nearby HUAWEI devices so that they can are easier to manage between the Super Device and Device features and how to use them. In the device settings, both functions have visually similar icons for device connectivity.

The main settings pages of Super Device and Device are identical and show animations of nearby smart devices that you can control with your device. The informative text on both sides indicates that you can easily connect your WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled devices registered with the same HUAWEI ID and use them as one. You can also make the tablet or phone a hub for supported HUAWEI tablets, computers, vision devices, Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Super Device and Device support will come via software updates, so expect to support more smart devices in the future.

The first difference between Super Device and Device appears in the More Settings menu. In both, you can enable the Recommend Devices option. It then suggests you cast content to a nearby device while watching videos, listening to music, or making video calls. You can also enable cross-device gallery in this menu, which allows access to gallery content from other nearby devices. But only in the Super Device Settings, you can enable a Multi-Device Task Center, which allows you to move tasks between devices signed in with the same HUAWEI ID.

Super Device and Device+ are also part of the control panel, so smart collaboration is just a tap away. Just tap the icon of your chosen smart device and it will connect to your device. Super Device also lets you connect supported devices on a map to nearby devices by simply dragging and dropping your chosen device icon onto your device’s icon.

Connection and collaboration between devices is possible regardless of whether the device is running HarmonyOS or EMUI 12. So by tapping the corresponding icon, you can transfer a MeeTime call from your phone or tablet to HUAWEI Vision, transfer a video to the tablet or Vision, send music to Bluetooth headphones or a smart speaker, or use cross-screen collaboration to switch your phone screen to a tablet or pc screen, drag files between devices, and use your phone apps on pc or tablet.

In summary, Super Device and Device both give you powerful tools to make your HarmonyOS and EMUI 12 phones and tablets work seamlessly with other smart devices. Both enable you to make significant improvements in your user experience, creativity, productivity and communication, whether you use them for entertainment purposes or for working in a smart office.

Huawei EMUI 12 offers a single tap feature to activate Multi-screen collaboration with smart devices. For MatePad tap the MatePad icon to activate Multi-screen Collaboration with Notepad. Make calls, send messages, and check photos from your phone on the tablet screen.

Tap the MateBook icon to activate Multi-screen Collaboration with MateBook, allowing you to edit phone files directly on your laptop using the greater software and display capabilities.

Tap the Vision icon to set HUAWEI Vision as the display for your phone, and enjoy watching video on the big screen.

HarmonyOS 2 and EMUI 12 Features HarmonyOS 2 and EMUI 12 Features-1 Huawei Super Device Feature

Source – Huawei

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