HarmonyOS 3: Ink tablet and phone together with new capability

Huawei launched its HarmonyOS 3 operating system recently with six major upgrades, among which the Super device makes a key difference. It supports the collaboration of 12 smart devices including printers, smart glasses, and car machines.

Now, the Chinese tech giant, Huawei has officially declared that HarmonyOS 3 brings a new capability between a mobile phone and the ink tablet.

How does it work?

If you are reading, the Super device function can be used, and the books on the mobile phone can be transferred to the ink tablet to continue reading with a gentle pull of the finger, giving the user an immersive reading experience.

You will be glad to know that HarmonyOS Connect has more than 2,000 partners and has shipped 170 million ecological devices. More devices will be added in the future, bringing users a new and often-used experience.

HarmonyOS 3 Key Changes:

  • Efficiency improved
  • Network connection gets improvement
  • Answer calls from your Huawei device on any super device
  • A seamless connection can run all devices that run HarmonyOS
  • More adjustments to widgets or “cards”
  • AI face pinching algorithm (Create avatars) to share emojis or GIFs while in a chat conversation
  • Paring more than one Huawei wireless headset to a Huawei device is now possible
Ink tablet and phone together - HarmonyOS 3
Ink tablet and phone together – HarmonyOS 3

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