HMS Core: Monetize your app with Huawei In-App Purchases

Huawei’s In-App Purchases (IAP) service allows you to offer in-app purchases and facilitates in-app payment. Users can purchase a variety of virtual products, including one-time virtual products and subscriptions, directly within your app.

The latest version supports the following functions:

  • Release: You can release an app or a game with one package and manage the prices and languages of in-app purchases. The countries supported by the PMS on the price configuration page shall prevail.
  • Currencies and languages: You can set one default currency and one default language for each country or region. Setting multiple languages for one country or region is not allowed.
  • Price: Huawei provides an in-app product price reference for each country or region based on the converted price (including the tax) you set and the exchange rate. You can change the price.
  • Exchange rate: fixed exchange rate by which Huawei will update the price. Updating the exchange rate by Huawei will not affect your price if you do not change the price.
  • Intended audience: global developers To release an in-app product (or a game) to multiple countries or regions, you need to manage the price and language of the products locally.

Huawei In-App Purchase Functions:

Product management:
Supports automatic pricing for products at 195 price levels using 78 languages and local currencies in 170+ countries and regions.

Order management
Opens multiple order management APIs, records all order information, and proactively tracks the order status to prevent product deliveries from going missing.

Subscription management
Enables management of subscription relationships, subscription periods, subscribed products, and promotional activities to help you gain a stable revenue.

Huawei In-App Purchase Advantages:

No missing deliveries
Proactively tracks the order status to ensure that all purchased products are delivered to users.

Multiple payment methods
Supports most mainstream payment methods, including bank cards, carrier billing, HUAWEI Points, and other local payment methods.

Sandbox testing
Offers a sandbox testing environment and practical integration guide for you to easily access HUAWEI In-App Purchases.

Learn more about HUAWEI In-App Purchases – Watch the Video below:

Source – Huawei Developers

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