Honor FlyPods Youth Edition getting update

Honor FlyPods Youth Edition (Lite) wireless earphones getting a new update with version HONOR FlyPods is a true wireless Bluetooth headset that supports double-tap control operation, allowing you to completely get rid of the constraints of the cable and bring a free experience. Check below how to download the latest firmware update.

Download Honor FlyPods Youth Edition update: Go to the paired Bluetooth settings> Firmware update> Check for update interface. When prompted for a new version, you can click Download and Update and follow the interface prompts to complete the upgrade. Please be patient when there is no upgrade prompt. Or else,

Step 1: Open the Honor FlyPods Lite APP and confirm the Service Terms.

Step 2: Open the charging case with your FlyPods placed inside and press and hold the function button for 2 seconds until the indicator flashes blue. And then tap the “Start Pairing” on the phone APP.

Step 3: After pairing, tap the “Back” icon to the APP home page and then click the “Upgrade

Step 4: Under the condition of networking, the server has a new version of firmware, which will show that the new version has been found. click “Download Version“.

Step 5: After the download is complete, close the lid of the charging box, the “Upgrade” icon will light up, and click to start the upgrade.

Step 6: Wait for 100% of the progress bar to indicate that the FlyPods Lite headset has been upgraded successfully

Note: These above steps will also follow on Honor FlyPods Pro & Honor FlyPods 2.

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