How to download your Favourite Apps in Huawei Phones

Huawei’s new smartphones are launching with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), you will not get Google’s play store on it. Instead of Google’s play store, Huawei has its own store called AppGallery. Getting your favorite apps on your Huawei smartphone or tablet is easy! Follow the steps below to get started with your everyday apps – from gaming, entertainment, social media, maps, banking, and many more.

HUAWEI Phone Clone:

One easy way to transfer your apps – From Social Media, Banking apps to News Apps and many, many more – contacts, data, files and photos from your old smartphone or tablet to your new smartphone or tablet, in a few simple steps.

Install the Phone Clone app (available on the AppGallery, Google Play Store, and App Store) on your old phone or tablet and select ‘Old phone’. Open the same app on your new HUAWEI smartphone or tablet and select ‘New phone’ specifying the brand of phone or tablet you are transferring data from – HUAWEI, Android, or Apple.

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HUAWEI AppGallery:

AppGallery has more than 420 Million active users worldwide and it keeps growing. Our AppGallery features a 4-layer detection mechanism to ensure apps featured are safe to download and use. Simply browse and download the apps and discover more exclusive offers, innovative experience, and fun in-app activities.

Download AppGallery, (Scan the QR Code)

Huawei AppGallery QR Code

Petal Search:

The Petal Search widget is a new search tool that allows HUAWEI smartphone or tablet owners to search and find everything they need – including apps, news, images and more – directly from the home screen of their device.

Read MoreDownload the latest Huawei Petal Search APK

Huawei Petal Search

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