How to measure length with your Huawei phone?

Welcome to the Huawei Update’s Tips and Tricks section. In this tutorial, we will learn how to measure the length with the help of a Huawei phone? Yes, it’s true we can measure a person’s height with a phone camera.

1. Open the AR Measure application and select Height. Point your camera at the person so that his or her height is fully on the screen, and gently shake the device until the phone recognizes the person’s location.

2. Point the dot button at the feet of the person you are measuring, and press the cross button to determine the starting point of the measurement.

3. Lift the phone slowly. As soon as you recognize the screen of the smartphone, you will see information about height.

4. Click the button to save the image to the Gallery.

How to measure length with your Huawei phone


(Image Source- Huawei)

Measure Area

  • On the AR Measure screen, touch Area.
  • Frame the object in the viewfinder and slowly move your phone to locate the plane.
  • When your phone identifies the object, a frame will appear. After the frame overlaps with the object, touch .
  • Your phone will automatically display the result.
  • Drag the endpoint to fine-tune the measurement result.


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