Huawei 1+2+N: Huawei Whole House Smart products really makes a perfect smart home

Huawei has recently launched new smart products at the Huawei Whole House Smart event. At the event, Huawei launched the V series (V55, V65, V75, and V85) Smart Screen that brings Devialet audio technology, 120Hz refresh rate, 9 audio systems, and more.

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The event was scheduled with a 1+2+N concept that aimed to provide consumers with more choices and possibilities with a brand-new smart life experience. To understand better 1 refers to the whole house AI while 2 refers to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and WiFi 6+ control systems.

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N defined as a variety of ecological products that comes to Huawei’s ecological chain such as intelligent lighting control system, safety protection system, environmental intelligent control system, water intelligent control system, audio-visual entertainment system, sleep assistance system, intelligent home appliance system, sunshade intelligent control system, etc.

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The Huawei Whole House Smart Host adopts a modular design and is equipped with a HarmonyOS-powered central control system. It can be directly placed in the location of the former smart hub as the small size ensures it doesn’t take up too much space.

For making a home smarter Huawei launched Wi-Fi 6+ modem and a PLC control bus. The PLC can load control signals and data onto the power line for transmission, realizing a stable and reliable connection when there is electricity and the network is available. Huawei’s Whole House PLC technology reportedly hit a transmission distance of 2000 meters, which can cover large houses up to 500 square meters and can connect up to 384 devices.

The Huawei Whole House Smart Host arrives in two price ranges—one designed for three bedrooms and two living rooms (about 100 square meters) and it start at 99,999 yuan (~$15,260).

The second model is designed for five bedrooms and two living rooms (about 200 square meters) and it starts at 149,999 yuan ($22,890). The product will go on sale in August. Huawei has promised to open experience stores for the smart host across 50 cities in China.

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