Huawei Children’s Watch 4X March 2021 update added support for cards

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X along was launched in China last year in the month of July. It sports a 1.41-inch AMOLED touch screen, resolution of 320×360 pixels, and more (full specification mentioned at the bottom of this article). Now, the Huawei Children’s Watch 4X getting its seventh update with the latest firmware version Check the changelog below.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X 7th Update:

Update link: →
Version content:
Added support for access cards and part of the city City transportation card (iOS phone users can not use this function).
optimizes ystem stability.
Update Version: →

Optimize the system stability of some scenes and optimize the user experience of the NFC function.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X Sixth Update:

1. New Christmas dial eggs
1. Optimize system stability
2. lower part of the scene to optimize the positioning and footprint experience.

1. Traffic Cards and access control cards do not support iOS mobile phone administrators.
2. The Android version of Smart Care required for this upgrade is and above, and the iOS version is and above.
3. The supported transportation card cities are subject to official announcements, and other cities will be launched in the future.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X Fifth Update:

1. Access Card support function.
2. support part of the city transportation card function.
1. Optimize system stability.
2. The lower part of the scene to optimize the positioning and footprint Experience.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X Fourth Update:

1. Optimize system stability
2. Optimization of power endurance part of the scene

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X Third Update:
1. Add fun to take pictures

(1) The lower part of the scene Power optimized battery life.
(2) optimize the photographic effect in a particular scene.
3. optimize system stability.
[Note] requires supporting the use of intelligent caring Android version is or later, the iOS version is or later.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X Second Update: Version: 1.0 .0.72
[ Optimization ]
1. Optimize the charging experience.
2. Fix the problem of not ringing the alarm clock.
3. Optimize system stability.

[ Notes ] The Android version of Smart Care that needs to be used is and above, and the iOS version is 1.0. 22.300 and above versions.

Huawei Children’s Watch 4X Specifications:

  • Size: 53 mm*45.7 mm*14.7 mm
  • Screen: 1.41-inch AMOLED touch screen 320×360 pixels
  • Weight: 67.7 g
  • Data Connection: WLAN, NFC, Bluetooth, Cellular Network
  • Watch Case: Blue, pink, white
  • Strap: Blue TPU strap, Pink TPU strap, White TPU strap
  • Colour: Blue, Pink, Silver
  • Sensor: Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor
  • Storage:1 GB+16 GB
  • Camera: Front 5 MP, side 8 MP.

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