Huawei does not build cars but helping other to grow

The 2020 China 5G Smart Car Summit held today, Lu Xiaofeng, general manager of Huawei’s V2X product line, said that Huawei does not build cars, but will help car companies build good cars through end-cloud collaboration.

Lu Xiaofeng said that the era of a car is changing, Users need totally different cars now, it’s all about the smart product, including simple voice control, remote software upgrade, social entertainment network connection, and natural realization.

Although Huawei does not build cars, it will still play a very important role in the transformation of the automotive industry.

At present, Huawei is promoting the application of 5G technology, and together with SAIC and China Mobile to build 5G connected cars, it can support 5G / LTE-V communication, support C-ITS assisted driving functions, support voice intelligent interaction, support live video a video Call, support VR remote journey sharing.

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