Huawei EMUI has a big event tomorrow, is it about EMUI 11?

Huawei EMUI official Weibo account shared one poster, and mentioned: “For everyone, the process of growing up is not the process about climbing, We must continue to progress, let’s take another step.” Huawei EMUI says there is a big event tomorrow, are you looking forward to it?

Huawei EMUI Event May 2020

Huawei EMUI 11 is the next version of the company’s Emotion UI. Previously, according to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro users in China, the updated content of the member center APP clearly stated: EMUI 11.0 style adaptation upgrade. But it is not clear yet that tomorrow’s event is about EMUI 11 or not. We may see something about the upcoming updates or version so stay tuned for more.



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