Huawei Health 12.0 beta version is now available

Huawei has officially started the 12.0 beta version of its Health Application and the build can be identified as, with a download size of 105.6MB (Check the download link here). The Huawei Sports Health App is a professional app used to record and analyze users’ exercise data, health data and provide exercise guidance.

Huawei Health changelog:


1. Added fitness course sharing function.

2. New blood pressure challenge plan for healthy life.

3. Weekly report of new health management plan for healthy life.

4. New family emergency contact was added to the family space member’s health file page.

5. Optimize the overall experience and stability of the version.

Huawei app

Huawei Sports Health provides you with professional training courses such as exercise recording and fat reduction and shaping, combined with scientific sleep and health services so that you can run faster and farther and become healthier.

1. Cooperate with Huawei/Honor smart wearable devices to accurately monitor different sleep stages (light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement and wakefulness), provide scientific sleep quality assessment and improvement suggestions, and help you sleep more soundly.

2. Get rid of the restrictions of time, place and equipment, exercise with bare hands anytime, anywhere.

Carefully design training courses such as “fat-reducing and shaping, warm-up for running, and office stretching”, the fitness coach in your “pocket”.

3. Records of walking, running, and cycling

Accurate low-power step counting, running track, heart rate, cadence, pace and other sports data at a glance.

4. Running training plan

It supports an online training program from 5 kilometers to the whole of Malaysia. Whether you are a novice or a marathon veteran, you can run faster, farther and safer than ever.

5. Management of blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and other health indicators

Data access of well-known smart health accessories at home and abroad can help you record and track your health status in multiple dimensions.

6. Data Sharing

Support step counting data sharing to third-party platforms such as WeChat Sports, QQ Sports, and Alipay Sports.

7. Rich knowledge of online activities and sports health

Colorful walking and running activities make sports more fun, as well as surprise gifts.

Selected sports and health information to help you exercise rationally and have more health.

8. Integrate with Huawei Wearable App data to provide more complete and unified sports and health services.


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