Huawei is the only brand to attend MWC 2020

According to latest report, there are currently as many as 15 major companies that have officially announced their withdrawal from MWC 2020, including Intel, NVIDIA, Facebook, Sony, Vivo, Amazon, MediaTek, and so on.

Nokia announced that it will withdraw from MWC 2020 for health and safety reasons. However, with the withdrawal of Nokia, Huawei is the only TOP4 communications manufacturer in the world to attend MWC. Previously, Ericsson Both ZTE and ZTE have announced their withdrawals, however, ZTE will still retain its booth symbolically.

Today, Deutsche Telecom has also decided to withdraw from MWC 2020. MWC host GSMA will meet to discuss whether to cancel the MWC 2020 conference.

GSMA, the trade group that puts on MWC, noted last week — before the big names began dropping out of the show — that there’s “minimal impact on the event thus far” and that the event is proceeding as planned. “Spain, the City of Barcelona and the GSMA look forward to welcoming attendees to MWC Barcelona 2020,” the group said.

Xiaomi, Oppo is still on the list to attend but we need to wait until we get some more information regarding MWC 2020.

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