Huawei will enter in the display market

Huawei has set up six teams to inspect the display market and has contacted more than 90% of companies worldwide. At the same time, it has been revealed that display products are currently planned for a full range, including commercial, home, gaming, and curved surfaces.

Huawei-branded monitors are already on the market, and 23.8-inch models will be released first. According to industry sources, Huawei’s 23.8-inch display is already under development and is scheduled to be available in the second quarter.

Xiaomi also is in the display market, continuing to focus on cost-effectiveness, and also rumored to “kill” 80% of display brands.

Huawei sold equipment related to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and televisions, and it is logical to enter the display field. It will complement its multi-screen strategy.

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