Huawei Mate 20 Pro getting EMUI 10 in Latin America

Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone getting EMUI 10 update in (Telcel network) Latin America. The EMUI (C69E8R1P5) update for unlocked Huawei Mate20 Pro in Latin America is about 4.88GB. (You should be receiving the OTA update notification soon).

To download Huawei Mate 20 Pro EMUI update go to the Software update menu in the phone’s settings to download the update by tapping the Download and install option.

Or download via HiCare app, open the HiCare app, click on Services tab then tap on Update, and then Check for updates.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro EMUI 10 Latin America


EMUI 10.0 was designed for an even more optimized and better user experience. Users have a completely new, optimally coordinated user interface available for smooth and intuitive user experience. The improved data protection also ensures safer use.

User interface: Detailed and unique.

Magazine design
layout in a magazine-style for a comfortable and authentic reading experience.

Morandi color
Subtle gray tones for an eye-friendly and comfortable viewing experience.

Dynamic, natural animations for page transitions, app launches, and other scenarios
Performance: Stable and smooth.

GPU Turbo
Improved system operation and increased system stability when gaming.

Phone Clone
Increased connection and cloning speed.

Security: Increased data security and improved data protection.

Formally tested microkernel
Uses the microkernel design developed by Huawei, certification as the safest operating system kernel for commercial use.

Distributed technology
Increased security when connecting to other Huawei devices and when transferring files between and storing data on other Huawei devices.

Data protection
Support for app sandboxing functions for standardized app authorization management and increased data security and improved data protection.


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