Huawei Music and bilibili reached cooperation to bring more high-quality tracks

According to the latest information, a piece of good news is coming up, Huawei Music has now reached copyright cooperation with bilibili to provide resources including the 2021 music playlist.

Huawei Music is a music app that relies on Huawei’s terminal products to cover a large global user base and provides users with one-stop music services and experiences. It can provide a global music library with tens of millions of styles and supports lossless music and Hi-Res. High-resolution music.

Huawei Music has opened a radio listening channel, music stories, personal enhancement, cross-talk storytelling, children’s books, business finance and many other channels.

In addition, with Huawei Music, users can seamlessly switch between different Huawei devices. From smartphones and smartwatches to tablets and smart speakers, you can listen to music anytime and anywhere without interruption.

Huawei updated its many application this month and now it’s time for the Music App. Huawei Music App updated to the latest App version You can enjoy Huawei Music anytime and anywhere. It is available on Huawei devices with EMUI 4.0 and above.

Huawei Music and bilibili Huawei Music and bilibili-1 Huawei Music and bilibili-2

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