Huawei publishes optical fingerprint recognition related patent

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published a patent related to “fingerprint identification method and its electronic equipment and media” and the latest publication number is identified as CN113807141A.

According to the patent details, the application relates to the field of smart terminal technology, in particular to a fingerprint identification method, medium, and electronic equipment.

Wherein, the capacity information includes at least one of the capacity fingerprint image of the finger and the mouth capacity image of the mouth of the hand to which the finger belongs; fingerprint recognition is performed based on the acquired capacity information.

The fingerprint identification method of the application can collect the capacitance information of the user’s fingers and the hand to which the fingers belong through the capacitive sensor, and collect the optical fingerprint image of the user’s finger through the optical fingerprint sensor, and then combine the capacitance information Perform fingerprint identification and authentication with optical fingerprint images.

Huawei publishes optical fingerprint recognition related patent

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