Huawei Nova 5 EMUI 10 Progress Announcement

Welcome to the Huawei’s latest EMUI 10 update rollout/timeline section. In this article, we will check the Huawei Nova 5 EMUI 10 Progress Announcement. The Huawei Nova 5 EMUI 10/Android 10 updates official rollouts with the versions list by the following dates.

Huawei Nova 5 EMUI 10 Update Progress Announcement:

Feb 2020: Huawei to release EMUI 10 update for the Nova 5 smartphone this month, stay tuned.

Jan 2020: EMUI 10 update in Nova 5 is coming soon.

December 31, 2019: In the internal process of EMUI 10.0, it is planned to start the internal beta recruitment in mid-to-late February 2020.

Huawei Nova 5 Latest EMUI updates/Magic UI/Security Patches:

  • Once we have security patches update, we will add here.

Huawei EMUI monthly updates list:

EMUI 10/Magic UI 3.0 Progress List/Announcements/Updates:

Huawei Weekly Updates:

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