Huawei P40 Series will give tough competition to other manufacturers

Huawei P40 series is one of the most discussed and much-awaited 10th flagship smartphone series from the company, which is releasing on Month 26. The upcoming Huawei P40 series has made attention to the industry and consumers worldwide.  With the news turning out to be increasingly escalated, users are loaded with interest and assumptions regarding how the Huawei P40 will improve its imaging power.

Recently, the warm-up announced by the official Weibo of Huawei ‘s terminal the Weibo, it says  “The Next Milestone of Video/Photo Art” so-called “Visionary Photography” has established the pace for the worldwide arrival of Huawei P40 series.

Huawei P40 series may have an innovative photography capability. If we look at the previous leaks and rumors, It is practically sure that the Huawei P40 series will accomplish another leap forward in photography.

A far as the current information is concerned, foreign source Max Weinbach disclosed that Apple is testing the iPhone 12 with a 64-megapixel main camera and is seeking to improve the zoom function. In addition, Apple will also add support for night mode on all cameras on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro model. If it is true, then the direction of this Apple iPhone 12 upgrade seems to face the selling point of the upcoming Huawei P40 series photography.

Look forward to the perspective of the layout in advance When it comes to the zoom function of mobile phones, it is estimated that most people think of Huawei P series first. This feature is deeply rooted in the groundbreaking exploration of the Huawei P series.

According to the news, Huawei P40 series will also bring greater improvements in zoom. Standing on the shoulders of the P30 series five times optical zoom and up to fifty times digital zoom, the P40 series goes one step further and has made it impossible to imagine actual How amazing the shooting effect will be.

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 12, even the optimistic estimate is unlikely to exceed the triple optical zoom of the current iPhone 11 Pro too much, so it is difficult to see strong competitiveness in zoom.

Regarding the night mode, many people have used the night mode function for the first time on the iPhone 11 series. The imaging effect is of course a great improvement for Apple itself. However, compared to the Huawei P series, which has the reputation of “night vision”, there is still a certain gap in the core hardware. Huawei’s pioneering application of RYYB technology on smartphones has significantly improved the light input compared to last.

The Huawei P40 series equipped with the new camera module is bound to play a more extreme advantage in night and dark light shooting scenarios.

Huawei P40 Series will play a major role in the DxOMark:

To recall, in December last year the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G as expected is a new titleholder with a total of 123 points. Taking this as an example, we have already seen many Huawei phones in the top of the DxOMark list. The top positions of the list are almost all Huawei P series flagships taking turns.

Notwithstanding, for Huawei, the leaderboard is just a proof of solidarity, and a definitive motivation behind all picture improvement is to carry a superior experience to peoples. We believe that the Huawei P40 series will bring more imaging surprises at the global online conference on March 26.

Huawei P40 Pro PE Full Specifications (Leaked):

  • 6.7 inch OLED display with 120HZ ( The Huawei P40 OLED panel is supplied by BOE, it uses a straight-screen OLED panel and the P40 Pro uses a quad-curved OLED panel.)
  • 12GB RAM/512GB expandable up to 256GB
  • 3160×1440 resolution, 518 PPI
  • Rear Camera: 52MP wide, 40MP ultrawide, 8MP telephoto, 10x optical zoom, TOF 3d depth
  • Front Camera: 32MP
  • Kirin 990 5G (7nm+)
  • Mali G76
  • EMUI 10 (EMUI 10.1)
  • HMS
  • 5G
  • 5500 mAh battery, 50W fast charging.

Huawei P40 Series live stream will commence at 13:30 GMT on 26 March. That’s 14:00 CET, 05:30 PDT, 08:30 EDT.

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