Huawei Petal Clip coming to Windows

According to the information, Huawei is bringing the Petal Clip application for Windows users. It helps to replace the standard video editor, with Windows. With a professional and easy-to-use interface, Petal Clip will also look great on MateBook computers.

Petal Clip, which has AI-powered video editing effects, supports many professional-level adjustments. For the Windows version of Petal Clip, Huawei has not yet shared more detailed information. For now, Huawei, which made the presentation on the MateBook X Pro with this short video, did not provide a download link for the Petal Clip.

Huawei Petal Clip coming to Windows Huawei Petal Clip coming to Windows-1

What is Petal Clip?
Petal Clip allows you to edit and create videos, the app provides a wide range of video editing features, and special effects, stickers, sound effects, fonts, and other materials for video creation. Check the latest Huawei Petal Clip Application below and download the latest versions.


App Version:
App Size: 50.23MB

Download the latest Huawei Petal Clip App:

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