Huawei HarmonyOS Smart Assistant public beta version rolling out

Huawei Smart Assistant HarmonyOS application gets a public test version Smart Assistant Today (formerly Huawei Smart Assistant) provides you with intimate, precise, and convenient scene-based services to guard your every “today”.

Smart Assistant・Today update changelog:

[Service Flow]

1. Parking card: Add a switch, the user can choose whether to display the parking card at home or within the company.

2. Service account message optimization, display the sending time, click to display the next one, add a follow button for unfocused service accounts, and add delete, withdraw, lock screen display, and notification bar reminders at the same time.

3. Featured service account and scene-based recommendation FA, support adding to the desktop.

4. Newly added support for importing the curriculum schedule in the schedule card.

[Content Stream]

1. Add real-time news reminders to the homepage of the negative one screen.

2. Add a search box to the content stream immersive homepage.

3. Added viewing comment function for Byte Video.


1. Card animation and layout optimization.

2. Newly added negative one-screen message-red envelope sending and receiving function (app market to update HMS CORE and Huawei wallet to the latest version, click negative one-screen avatar-my message-personal chat/group chat, click “+” on the left side of the input box, Click the red envelope to create a red envelope), currently supports personal ordinary red envelopes, group ordinary red envelopes, and group luck red envelopes.

Smart AssistantToday update changelog



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