Huawei Smart Assistant renamed to Huawei Smart Assistant · Today

Huawei Smart Assistant App received a new software update with version number and the update has a download size of about 16.6MB. The company has changed its App name, now it will be called “Huawei Smart Assistant · Today”.

Huawei Smart Assistant Changelog:

Product Public: Change the external name of Intelligent Assistant to Huawei Intelligent Assistant · Today.

Product public: Optimize the experience that the head movement data is displayed as zero and out of sync.

Product Public: Refresh the privacy statement and add privacy related to the smart home.

Direct service: Add bubble reminders at more service locations.

Direct service: Optimize the jump experience of WeChat payment code quick service.

Scenario intelligence: Optimized the problem that the train ticket card was misreported and changed, and the schedule card was not displayed.

Situational intelligence: Optimize the service subscription function to make the card experience smoother.

Information: Optimized the logic of news request, and supported the display of cached news without network.

Huawei Smart Assistant Today Update


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