Ren Zhengfei – Huawei will be a world leader for a long time

On December 17, the Huawei Voice Community released the fourth episode of “Who is Huawei” documentary: the future is here. Ren Zhengfei says, Huawei will be a world leader for a long time.

In the video, when talking about 5G and artificial intelligence, Ren Zhengfei said that 5G is actually a pediatric product and an artificial intelligence supporting system because it has the advantage of low latency . Artificial intelligence should look at it from the front and it will create great wealth.

“From the chip to the system, we can fully bear the burden ourselves. On the network connection equipment, including transmission, access network, and core network, we have long been a world leader .”

Ren Zhengfei also said that the ideal of Huawei’s value system is to serve human beings, not money . “We make money, not for shareholders or employees, and for our customers, on the one hand, we invest in future scientific research, and on the other hand, we implement the spirit of serving customers.”



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