Yu Chengdong: Space walk (Space Liquid) dial downloaded more than 3 million times, and the developer income has exceeded 13 million yuan

On October 22, 2021, Huawei’s Yu Chengdong at HDC 2021 revealed that the innovative application ecosystem provided by Huawei has made developers’ works shine. He also cited an example that netizens are very familiar with, this year. The “Space Walk (Space liquid)” dial has exploded for half a year. Yu Chengdong revealed that this work is not only popular all over the Internet, but also the developers have received very considerable income.

As per the information, this dial is a chargeable product with a single product price of 6 yuan and this dial downloads exceed 3 million. Yeah you heard it right! Yu Chengdong said that this spacewalk dial has been downloaded more than 3 million times, and developers rely on this dial to earn more than 13 million yuan.

Space walk dial

It is also worth mentioning that before this dial was paired with Huawei Watch GT 2 smartwatches to become popular all over the Internet, and recently Huawei has announced its product-Huawei Watch GT 3 in global markets.

It is understood that Huawei Watch GT 3 has two versions, 46mm and 42mm. The overall appearance basically inherits the design of the previous generation. The only change is that the new model is equipped with a rotating crown + physical buttons similar to the previous Huawei Watch3, which will bring The more convenient operation, the use scene will be more abundant.

Specifically, the Watch GT 3 46mm version is equipped with a 1.43-inch display, the core is an ARM Cortex-M processor, and is equipped with a 4GB+32MB storage combination, supports 5ATM waterproof, 100+ sports modes, Bluetooth calls, and all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, Battery life up to 14 days, weight 42.6g, thickness 11mm, there are three styles of sports, classic and elite.

Watch GT 3 42mm version is equipped with a 1.32-inch screen display, the core is ARM Cortex-M processor, it is also equipped with 4GB+32MB storage combination, supports 5ATM waterproof, 100+ sports mode, Bluetooth call, all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, battery life is It weighs 35g and is 10.2mm thick in 7 days. There are three styles: sporty, fashionable, and elegant.


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