Tasker for Android brings new sensor actions

Android clients who not just utilize their telephones for messaging, surfing and so forth, yet additionally need to accomplish something in the field of automation, will likely not have the option to maintain a strategic distance from the Tasker application. This permits you to make work processes that are activated in specific situations. These triggers can be anything, whether changes in the settings, approaching SMS, etc.

If you are on the go with the beta, you can now test version 5.9.3. Now you can read out all the sensors in the smartphone and set triggers based on the output values. The developer explains exactly how this works in the video.

You can now change the settings for the Do-Not-Disturb mode within the Tasker app. All changes that you make in Tasker are implemented directly in the Android settings.

Set up a new text dialog.

Interested? Join the beta, you can register for it on this website. 


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