What to do if the online course is stuck? These Honor notebooks are easy to learn

In today’s generation, peoples like the easiest way to learn, many schools have introduced online teaching methods to teach through online classes. For the online class to go smoothly, it is important to choose a thin and light notebook. After all, “if you want to be good at something, you must sharpen it first.” With good equipment, the online lesson can be smoother. Today, in this article we will suggest a few high-quality notebooks for you.

The first is the Honor MagicBook 14. Its overall body uses a metal integrated shell and a simple design, and the 14-inch full-screen is even more amazing. It relies on the mature technology of the mobile phone to further reduce the three bezels of the B-side screen to 4.8mm, and “stuck” a 14-inch screen into a traditional 13-inch computer, which not only improves the visual effect of the laptop screen but also facilitates We edit a variety of documents to improve the efficiency of our learning and office.

What’s more worth mentioning is that it designed the camera located in the center of the top of the screen between the keyboard F6 and F7. Press the button to pop up the camera. This press-style hidden camera design can better protect our privacy. And the performance of the screen is also good.

It is made of IPS material and has better color performance and a viewing angle of 178 °. Even if the screen is viewed from a wide-angle side, the content displayed on the screen can still be clearly seen. In addition, the screen also supports anti-glare and harmful blue light filtering functions, which escort us for a long time watching the computer.

It is equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Mobile processor, it also has Radeon Vega 8 Graphics graphics card, 8GB large-capacity dual-channel DDR4 memory, and 512GB large-capacity PCI-E SSD solid-state hard drive, the overall configuration is quite eye-catching. What’s more worth mentioning is that it also comes pre-installed with the Win10 system and office series software, which can be used at hand without complicated operations such as installing the system.

Even more amazing is its multi-screen collaboration function. Mobile phones are our important work tools. In many cases, we need to import mobile phone data into a computer for editing. Whether the two can work together efficiently will also directly affect work efficiency. The multi-screen collaboration function of the Honor Notebook MagicBook 14 is the most efficient communication bridge between the two.

Of course, if you thinking that this is a small size laptop, then here is an another option for a larger screen, so the Honor MagicBook Pro will be a good choice for you.

It has a thin and light integrated metal body with high appearance, the thickest part of the whole machine is about 16.9mm, weight is 1.7kg, and it is very portable. Moreover, it adopts a 16.1-inch full-screen design, with a high screen ratio of 90%. The larger screen has a better experience in the use of games or audio-visual scenes, which can let us experience a wider and more shocking visual effect. At the same time, large screens also have certain advantages in office scenarios. Large screens can display more content and greater operating space, which can improve our learning efficiency to a certain extent.

In addition to such a big screen with high value, it also has a powerful hardware configuration. The Honor MagicBook Pro is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H mobile processor. It uses a standard design and has four cores and eight threads. It has a good performance for multi-tasking.

Not only is the processor fast enough, but this computer also uses high-quality memory, not only has a capacity of 8GB but also uses a dual-channel DDR4 specification, which can better improve the performance of the graphics card. The 512GB high-speed solid-state hard disk also takes into account the requirements for large file storage and high-speed storage.


Honor MagicBook Pro: US $695.13 – 916.49.
Honor MagicBook 14: US $550.

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