Top 3 Honor Band 5i Watch Faces

The Honor Band 5i is a regular fitness tracker that includes a 2.43-inch colored touchscreen display. It has a built-in USB connector, downloadable clock faces, 9 different fitness modes and more. Honor Band 5i’s SpO2 Monitor tracks oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream so you can assess how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes.

The fitness tracker comes with a 910mAh battery and the usual Bluetooth connectivity option. There is support for nine sports modes and water resistance. There is even a heart rate monitor and Trusleep feature.

Here are the top 3 Honor Band 5i watch faces:

  1. Hex
  2. Life 1.2
  3. Blocks

These 3 watch faces contain all the information on the display that you guys looking for.


Hex Honor 5i Face

Life 1.2:

Life 1.2 Honor Band 5i Face


Blocks Honor Band 5i Face

How to download Honor Band 5i Watch Faces?

You can download and apply a watch face by doing these simple steps.

  • Open Health Application and Pair your Honor Band 5i
  • Click on “Device”
  • Select the Paired Device
  • Select the Watch Face Option
  • Choose your selected Watch Face and click on the Install button.

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