You can share post on Instagram Web soon

Facebook’s Instagram is working on its desktop version, as of now we cannot create any post but can view it. Now, good news coming up from the app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram may soon allow users to post from the desktop web interface.

Instagram has limited options on the desktop version and it has always been rather neglected by developers and limited in functionality. The social network of images is in fact notoriously closer to the mobile world, but there are also numerous users who use it via the web. These users will be happy to know that there are new things coming just for them.

Alessandro Paluzzi, said that Instagram would in fact be working to bring the possibility of creating posts also from the website. In the images shared by the analyst, a new “+” button can be seen in the upper navigation bar.

Pressing on this new icon will then enter the path for editing and sharing an image that we already know on the mobile app. The feature is currently being tested internally , and it is not yet known if and when it will be made available to the public.


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