Australia ban on Huawei 5G is costly

According to the Oxford Economic Advisory Service, the cost of banning Huawei from participating in Australia’s 5G network construction has surged by only 30%, which has a huge impact on operators and Australians.

The report believes that banning Huawei’s participation in this action will cause Australian operators to increase the cost of 300 million Australian dollars (about 1.4 billion yuan) each year, which will delay the time for 3 million Australians to enjoy 5G services. Also, because of the delay in progress. By 2035, Australia’s GDP will also lose up to 8.2 billion Australian dollars.

There is no doubt that the arrival of 5G should have been a good opportunity for society and enterprises to bring new sources of income and promote their product development. Previously, Australia had been very active in banning Huawei and promulgated a ban on foreign 5G suppliers as early as 2018. Today, this situation can only be said to be a self-effect.


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