Confirmed: Huawei will launch its own-brand displays and desktop products

At Huawei Full Connect Conference 2020, Wang Yinfeng, President of Huawei’s Tablet and PC Product Line, confirmed to reporters that Huawei will launch its own-brand display products and will also launch consumer products in the future.

According to the official statement, the company will launch a commercial desktop computer this year. The Huawei desktop computer will be equipped with a domestic Kunpeng 920 processor, equipped with 8GB DDR4-2666 memory, 256GB SSD solid-state hard drive, AMD Radeon R7 430 discrete graphics, 180W power and more.

Huawei will also outsource the production of standard display products (non-curved) to the ODM (original design manufacturer) subsidiary of BOE Technology Group, BOE Video Technology Co., Ltd. (BOEVT).

Also, Huawei will subcontract the manufacturing tasks of curved screen monitors for the gaming market to TPV Technology. The initial order is about 1 million units, and the screen size includes the current mainstream 27-inch and 34 inches.


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