Honor X10 40 Million RYYB high-sensitive dark shot

Honor X10 launch is getting closer, only 5 days left for the powerful 5G phones. Today, the official website of Honor mobile phone reissued a warm-up poster to confirm the main selling point of Honor X10-RYYB high-sensitivity photography.

Under the extreme height of 5,200 meters, minus 20 degrees Celsius, 1:52 am, temperature and dark light in the poster, with RYYB high-sensitivity CMOS, it finally showed a day-like picture, the snow-covered water in front of you, and the snowy mountains in the distance, the sky is clearly visible. The other two photos from other devices have been unable to identify the details.

The RYYB sensor was developed exclusively by Huawei Honor and has been used in flagship devices such as Huawei P, Mate, and Honor V series.

Unlike the RGGB Bayer array used in general sensor filters, it replaces the original green filter with yellow, which is equivalent to both red and green light sources. With the additional red light source, the amount of incoming light is increased by nearly 40 %, More convenient for shooting in extreme low light conditions.

Honor X10 RYYB

Honor X10 Dark Shot at 1:52 am.

Honor X10 Real Shot

Other Phone Shots:

other phone other phone-2

It is reported that the main camera CMOS of the Honor X10 series is IMX600y (the same model of Mate30, 40 MP  RYYB). Among them, the high-end version of the Honor X10 PRO also provides 8 million ultra-wide-angle lenses (120 ° field of view), 8 million telephoto lenses (supports 5x optical zoom), and supports OIS anti-shake.

The Honor X10 is expected to feature a 6.63-inch screen, Kirin 820 5G chip, built-in 4200mAh battery, and 22.5W fast charging support.

Earlier, the Everest survey team’s shared Honor X10 camera sample taken at 6500 meters above sea level. Climbers used Honor X10 and Honor 30Pro+ equipment to record the beautiful pictures and also recorded 5G real-time download speed that goes up to 1617 Mbps.

Honor X10 Key Specifications:

  • Huawei Kirin 820 5G
  • 9 frequency bands
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • 180Hz touch sampling rate
  • Enhanced dark night shot.
Honor X10 official press render leaked
Honor X10 official press render leaked

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