Huawei leading in 5G communications, U.S. worried

In 5G, Huawei is undoubtedly leading and has a great advantage. To curb this advantage, the United States is promoting various policies.

According to US media reports, US Attorney General William Barr said that the United States and its allies should consider taking extraordinary measures to control Finnish Nokia and Swedish Ericsson to counter Huawei’s dominant position in the new generation of 5G communications technology.

William Barr said: “The two companies, backed by our large market and financial strength, will become stronger competitors and remove doubts about their long-term operations. We and our allies need to actively consider this method.”

Huawei is currently a leader in the 5G market. It provides better technology at a more affordable price than competitors such as Nokia and Ericsson. In addition to Huawei ’s domestic market, China, several countries including Germany have also adopted Huawei ’s 5G infrastructure.

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