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Huawei registered a new patent for reducer and powertrain technologies

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Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. announced a new patent as indicated as a reducer, powertrain, and vehicle on January 22 (applied date On September 24, 2020) with application number “CN112248801A”.

The patent describes that the reducer can be applied to electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc.

The reducer realizes shifting without power shock by canceling the setting of the synchronization ring and controlling the rotation angle and speed. Shortening of the shifting stroke and synchronization time can help in saving costs and solving the problem of adopting. The friction of the synchronizing ring achieves the synchronous shifting, which causes the problem of long shifting time and impact during shifting.

Huawei once again reiterated that Huawei does not build complete cars, but focuses on ICT technology to help automakers build good cars, build good cars, and become an incremental component provider for intelligent connected cars.

Huawei New Patent

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