Huawei unveiled a new database management system

Recently there are news and rumors spotted online that Huawei is in the row to making new database system and it is officially declared in the called GaussDB, that incluldes AI (Artificial Intelligence).

“Huawei is unlikely to challenge Oracle’s dominant position in traditional, structured database. But that is a stagnant market. The fastest-growing market is in big data platforms,” Zhou said.

This step has been taken due to growing international scrutiny over Huawei’s main telecom equipment business as Washington tries to persuade its allies that Huawei posed national security risks.

IDC analyst Thomas Zhou said, “Traditionally, the database market in China is dominated by relationship database, and that market is dominated by foreign players such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

“But this is changing in recent years because of the rapid growth of public cloud services, with many enterprises migrating to the cloud, they also turn to cloud-based databases.”

According to IDC, Alibaba Group is the biggest cloud service provider in China with nearly 43 percent of the market, followed by Tencent Cloud.


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