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Q4 2020 Worldwide Shipment: Huawei ranked 5th in the top 5 smartphone companies

Q4 2020 Worldwide Shipment

2020 is not a good year for all smartphone manufacturers. Due to the impact of the new virus, global smartphone sales have declined. In addition, because of the impact of the chip ban, Huawei has also had a huge impact. Sales continue to decline, which affects the whole body and has an impact on smartphones around the world.

Recently, IDC released the global smartphone market data for the fourth quarter of 2020, and we found that this is a real reshuffle. Apple ranked first with a great sales of iPhone12, Q4 sales reached a record of 90.1 million units, a year-on-year increase of 22.2%, surpassing Samsung and returning to the world’s number one.


Q4 2020 Worldwide Phone Shipment IDC

Samsung followed Apple and ranked second in the world with sales of 73.9 million units. With sales of 43.3 million units, Xiaomi ranks third in the world. Then there is OPPO, ranking fourth in the world with 33.8 million units, and Huawei ranked fifth in the world with 32.3 million units.

In terms of growth rate, Xiaomi’s growth rate was the highest, reaching 32.7%, followed by Apple, with 22.2%, while Huawei had the most serious decline, with a decline of 42.4%.

At the same time, IDC also released the sales situation for the whole year of 2020. Samsung ranked first, Apple ranked second, Huawei ranked third, and Xiaomi ranked fourth. The sales were 266.7 million units, 206.1 million units, 189 million units, and 1.478. Billion units.

IDC shipment of units

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