What exactly is Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)?

Huawei HMS is the truncation of Huawei Mobile Service, which implies Huawei Mobile Service globally. In basic terms, HMS is utilized to offer essential types of assistance for Huawei devices, for example, cloud space, application market, wallet, etc. Following with the official statement, “Huawei will fully build the HMS ecosystem and form a new system of “self-developed chips + Hongmeng OS”, let’s describe more about HMS.

In September 2019, when Huawei released the new flagship mobile phone Mate 30 series in Munich, Germany, it was no longer possible to use Google’s GMS service. At that time, Yu Chengdong already stated that Huawei would provide its own mobile service HMS.

At the Huawei Developers Conference 2019, Huawei released the HMS ecosystem to the world for the first time. Huawei announced that it will fully open HMS core services, build an ecosystem with developers, and jointly bring a full-scenario smart experience to global Huawei end users.

We have to realize that household clients will scarcely utilize GMS, however, overseas GMS is significant. Without GMS support, it will be extremely troublesome. Without GMS approval, it implies that the smartphone can’t be pre-installed with Google applications, for example, Google Search, Google Chrome, Youtube, Maps and different administrations and applications. In this matter, Huawei HMS plays a giant role in the Huawei/Honor devices.

Quick Single: How to Integrate Huawei HMS Core

Huawei opens 14 HMS Core capacities, 51 administrations, and 885 APIs. It furnishes designers/developers with full situation capacities. Developers just need to integrate the HMS SDK to utilize Huawei ‘s multiple open capacities, permitting developers to concentrate on Innovation.

Huawei Map Services provides developers with 25 types of API interfaces in 6 categories, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world, supporting more than 40 languages.

Last month, Huawei released HMS Core 4.0 worldwide for developers around the world to join the development of the HMS ecosystem.

Huawei Mobile Services Statistics:

  • 400 million monthly active users in Huawei’s App market.
  • The developer toolkit is available in HMS Core 4.0.
  • HMS Core has a capability of file transfer, Geolocation, security detection, AI, machine learning and data security.
  • Around 400,000 developers joined the ecosystem within four months. It now has around 1.3 million developers.
  • The AppGallery has more than 450 million active users per month as well as 55,000 apps.
  • In spite of the difficulties, Huawei continues to promote HMS in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and other regions.
  • Huawei invested $10 million in Russia to attract local developers.
  • The Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell entered into an agreement with Huawei to sell 1 million HMS smartphones.

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