Downloads of openEuler exceeded 1 million

During the last year Operating System Industry Summit, Huawei showcased the latest openEuler operating system. With Open Atom Open Source Foundation brings openEuler.

Now, according to the information, openEuler announced that the global downloads of openEuler have exceeded 1 million, and it will hold the Operating System Industry Summit 2022 & openEuler Summit 2022 on December 28-29 to bring more information.

As we know that the openEuler OS was officially released by the Chinese tech giant, Huawei. It can be widely available as a server, cloud computing, edge computing, and embedded devices.

In version 22.09, openEuler realized the interconnection between Euler and HarmonyOS by integrating the real-time kernel, and explored innovative applications in scenarios such as geographical inspection.

Downloads of openEuler exceeded 1 million

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