Huawei EMUI gallery puzzles feature now available

Huawei officially announced that the EMUI gallery puzzle function is now available. You can go to the app store and update Huawei Gallery to the latest version. The new version of the “Moment” function has added more artistic fonts, from the past 1 font to 4 artistic fonts, namely: Founder Zhong coarse Ya Song, Founder Qu Song, Founder Retro coarse Song, and Founder Yan Song.

Method 1:
In the 4 tab pages of the gallery, you can click [Creative Puzzle] in the upper right corner to enter the function, select photos (2-9), and click Start Production to match the optimal template.

Method 2:
Enter any album in the gallery, select multiple photos (2-9), click [Creation] at the bottom, and select [Puzzle]. The gallery can match the most suitable template for the selected photo!

After the puzzle is generated by the smart matching template, you can also edit, zoom, reposition, rotate, and flip a single picture by manual editing.

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