Huawei IdeaHub Board officially launched for Smart Office and Education

Huawei at the 2021 Intelligent Collaboration New Product Launch event launched the HUAWEI IdeaHub Board globally, the industry’s first collaboration whiteboard that features optical anti-blue light technology. Certified by TÜV Rheinland, the technology eliminates harmful blue light and color cast to provide a vivid display and safe visual experience. HUAWEI IdeaHub Board also features innovative functions such as wireless projection and smart writing to enhance user experience across education and training sessions, local meetings, and open discussions.

“The rapid acceleration of the digital economy has made digital work and education the new normal for every organization and individual. HUAWEI IdeaHub series, which was released last year, are brand-new productivity tools designed to help users across various industries adapt to this new normal and achieve device-cloud synergy collaboration,” said Pan Yong, Vice President of Huawei Intelligent Vision & Collaboration Product & Solution Sales Dept. He later added, “The brand-new HUAWEI IdeaHub Board is the latest addition to this series. It is specially designed for smart classrooms, meeting rooms, and open office spaces, facilitating smarter and more efficient collaboration.”

IdeaHub Board

Huawei IdeaHub Board Key Specifications:

  • 4K optical blue-light proof technology to block the harmful blue light from the light source and protect users’ eyes. By way of comparison, conventional software-based anti-blue light technology and eye comfort mode cannot completely filter out harmful blue light. They also tend to add a yellow tint to the screen, causing visual fatigue and affecting color recognition. Using spectrum offset technology to block the harmful blue light from the light source, HUAWEI IdeaHub Board ensures low-blue light, color calibration, and ambient light adaptation. This not only offers visual comfort and protection but also helps deliver displays in true and vibrant color.
  • Screen projection and whiteboard writing are two of the most commonly used functions in both smart education and offices.
  • The dropdown bar projection function, based on the Cast+ technology, allows users to project content from a phone to the large screen without installing additional apps.
  • Equally, users can control their phones from the large screen.
  • HUAWEI IdeaHub Board also provides other projection methods for different scenarios and needs. These include a wireless projection code, IdeaShare Key, and DLNA.
  • HUAWEI IdeaHub Board uses zero-gap bonding technology, and innovative software capabilities to deliver a smooth writing experience with an ultra-low writing latency of 35 ms.
  • Available in 65” and 86”, HUAWEI IdeaHub Board is suitable for both floor and wall mount, and it can be flexibly deployed in classrooms and offices.

Speaking at the product launch, Simon Dai, the CTO of Huawei Intelligent Vision & Collaboration Product & Solution Sales Dept. stated, “In terms of ecosystem, HUAWEI IdeaHub Board is at the forefront of the industry. The built-in Huawei AppGallery now has a dedicated IdeaHub section, where users can freely and securely download the apps they need. The Board also supports open underlying SDK and works with industry partners to build optimal solutions.”

Adding to this, he said, “We look forward to collaborating with new partners who are passionate about jointly accelerating the digital transformation of industries.”


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