Huawei launched a new generation of smart servers powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors

As per the latest information, Huawei has recently released the latest generation of FusionServer Pro V6 intelligent servers based on the third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Intel said that the newly released third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors can meet more stringent workload requirements and are optimized for cloud, enterprise, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, network, and security workloads.

According to Huawei, FusionServer Pro V6 intelligent server has achieved innovations in hardware architecture, algorithms, and basic software.

Architecture: For large data centers, Huawei’s entire cabinet server is designed through the L1+L2 joint design, which can flexibly configure computing, network, and storage resources. At the same time, in terms of complete machine engineering, Huawei achieved 25% more computing power in the entire server machine and doubled the power density.

Software: In the cluster computing scenario, through the Huawei cluster job scheduler, the cluster scheduling capability is increased by 3 times, up to 320,000 cores, and the computing resource utilization rate is as high as 90%; in the large-scale operation and maintenance management scenario, for deployment, discovery, upgrade, and maintenance.

Algorithms: Huawei can provide more than 40 kinds of big data algorithm acceleration libraries, including machine learning algorithms and graph analysis algorithms, covering 80% of business scenarios. In terms of stability, the intelligent memory failure self-healing algorithm can reduce the downtime rate by more than 50% without business perception.

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