Huawei testing Petal Mailbox [PetalMail.Com]

According to the information, on January 19, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied for the “petal mailbox” pattern trademark. Now, the company has started testing the Petal Mailbox which you can see in the image below.

Petal Mail

Huawei petal mailbox test link: click here. The address of Huawei Petal Mail is

After the account registration and mobile phone number verification, you can enter the web page of Petal Mail. The structure and layout of Petal Mail is quite simple.

Petals are a virtual currency launched by Huawei’s consumer business. Currently, 100 petals are 1 yuan. In addition, Huawei HMS has launched alternative Google apps such as petal search and petal map overseas. Huawei has previously applied for a number of “petal” trademarks, such as petal payment, petal shop, etc.

Petal Mailbox Petal Mail Inbox

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