Huawei to lead the global 5G market in 2020 – Counterpoint

The coming era is all about the fifth-generation network, The year 2020 is coming with challenges to all the smartphone companies. Huawei ’s flagship 5G chip, the Kirin 990 5G, already won the “Best 5G Chip Award” in the 5G project. In the list of Counterpoint, the report shows the various OEMs are expected to rank in terms of 5G phone shipments. In terms of manufacturer performance, it is expected that Huawei and Honor will surpass Apple and Samsung as the biggest winners in the global 5G smartphone market in 2020.

In 2020, the global 5G smartphone shipments will exceed 270 million units, and the penetration rate of 5G mobile phones will increase from about 1% in 2019 to more than 15% in 2020.

Quick Single: Huawei Smartphones with Hongmeng OS shipment likely to exceed 200 million

2020 Worldwide 5G Smartphones By OEM’s:

  • Huawei & Honor (1st Position)
  • Apple (2nd Position)
  • Samsung (3rd Position)
  • Oppo & Vivo (5th Position)
  • Xiaomi (6th Position)
  • LG (7th Position)
  • OnePlus (8th Position)
  • Google (9th Position)
  • Motorola (10th Position).

Huawei 5G News & Updates:


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