Qualcomm says cooperation with Huawei is needed for 5G development

Steve Mollenkopf the Qualcomm CEO recently interacted with an interview and said there is indeed competition between Qualcomm and Huawei in certain areas, but when it comes to 5G development both companies will need to cooperate to achieve optimal growth.

His reply to 5G question “There are many concerns that technology is a race and 5G is mutually exclusive. Do you see this mutually exclusive competition?” We do compete with each other in some areas, such as the market share in the IP field and some fields, but we need to cooperate more so that 5G can develop, and we do.

Mollenkopf also stated in the interview that China has not overtaken the United States in terms of 5G technology, but in the deployment of 5G, especially the construction of base stations, China’s development is really very fast.

Also, recently Foxconn manufacturing and assembly plants have accepted the full order for next year’s Huawei 5G smartphones. The Unit count is 50 million which is a huge number for the 5G devices.


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