Report: Documents show Huawei role in shipping prohibited US gear to Iran

According to Reuters, his team has demonstrated that Chinese technology giant Huawei signed a trade agreement with Iran in 2010. This deal included the sale of computer parts and other technology that originated in the United States, which violated U.S. trade sanctions.

The reported document shows, there is “evidence” that Huawei has sold US technology to Iran and has violated trade sanctions.

The list contains two packing lists and other documented correspondence between Huawei and an Iranian company called Mobile Telecommunication Co. of Iran (MCI, or sometimes MCCI).

More than 80 pages may appear soon – that proves that this sale actually took place. The sale includes both Hewlett-Packard physical technology products and software developed by Microsoft, Symantec and Novell.

Notwithstanding, this deal to Iran doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the more unmistakable claims against Huawei, in particular, that the organization is utilizing its innovation to keep an eye on different countries. Up until now, there is no open proof to help this case.

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