Huawei Search Trial version is On Hold, New app coming soon

Huawei has created the perfect Google Search alternative so-called Huawei Search, now the company has put the test phase for the new search app on hold, the company announced in a separate forum to the community.

Huawei is working on the new version of the app, which should be based on feedback from previous testers on the one hand, and on the other hand, will bring a number of new functions.

The focus point is now, which search internet services Huawei would like to use instead of Google. Huawei has an exceptional license to work with Microsoft, at least for Windows. So is Bing also conceivable for Huawei Search?

In Google search engine we get a search history, access to the Google Assistant news feed, access to collections (images, maps), a news feed with news from all over the world and an integrated browser, Huawei has so far offered news and a search has yet to catch up.

Huawei Search Functionality: As you can see from the screenshots below, it would look like this, with an interface that showcases a space reserved for research sitting on some shortcuts. Below, there is the classic feed with contents, while looking for something, the results are grouped into four main sections. Further down, three macro-sections: Discover, Search and Me.

Huawei Search App main



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