Huawei HMS Core Kit: Everything you need to know

Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) encompasses Huawei’s chip, device and cloud capabilities, including a full portfolio of HMS core services and associated IDE tool platforms for development and testing, as well as key applications for Huawei devices. Let’s explore more about the Huawei HMS Core Kit.

Huawei HMS Apps section includes Huawei AppGallery, Huawei Assistant, Huawei Browser, Huawei Cloud, Huawei Wallet, Huawei Video, Huawei Music, etc. Let’s explore more about Huawei HMS Core vs Google GMS Core.

Huawei HMS Core Kit:

Huawei HMS Core includes open device and cloud capabilities provided by Huawei Mobile Services. The Huawei HMS Core Kit is divided into three sections.

  1. Huawei HMS Core Development Kit
  2. Huawei HMS Core Growth Kit
  3. Huawei HMS Core Monetization Kit

Huawei HMS Core Development Kit:

It allows you to build high-quality apps quickly at a low cost.

Account Kit: The faster your user signs in to your app, the faster they adopt it. There’s no quicker and safer way to do this than with their HUAWEI IDs based on two-factor authentication. Access the Huawei ecosystem of users with seamless sign-ins from different devices and grow your user base. (Provide a quick and secure way for users to sign in to your app.)

Awareness Kit: The time of day, geographical location, activity, and headset status are valuable information for adapting to user environments. Make your app work smarter and better with user insights. (Get the context and status of your users to give them a smarter experience.)

Drive Kit: Enables users to upload, download, and synchronize files and allows subscription notification, and searching. Cloud storage needs to be quick and easy, no matter the file – images, videos, documents. Let your users upload, download, sync, and view what they want, when they want to. (Enable your users to store and manage their data securely on the cloud.)

FIDO Kit: Authenticate your users through biometric and FIDO2 identity securely.

Game Service: Focus on innovating the gaming experience with in-depth services.

Health Kit: Build an app with the strength and stamina to keep up with your users and their fitness data.

Identity Kit: Make address authorization and management easier and faster for your users.

Location Kit: Get user locations faster and more precisely with fused geolocation.

Map Kit: Personalize your map display and interactivity for better location-based services.

ML Kit: Take advantage of machine learning for vision and language services.

Nearby Service: Give your apps the ability to communicate with nearby devices.

Panorama Kit: Enable your users to browse and interact with images with a 360° view in a simulated 3D space.

Safety Detect: Build and maintain a secure app with multiple checks.

Scan Kit: Give your users access to the QR and other barcodes conveniently.

Site Kit: Provide services specific to the place your users are in.

WisePlay DRM: Protect your content with free and standard copyright capabilities.

Huawei HMS Core Growth Kit:

Increase the user base and improve user engagement continuously.

Analytics Kit: Collect and analyze your data efficiently on a one-stop platform.

Dynamic Tag Manager: Monitor and analyze your marketing activities with code-free and flexible tag management.

Push Kit: Improve targeting and responsiveness when engaging users.

Huawei HMS Core Monetization Kit:

Maximize your value through multiple channels.

Ads Kit: Access high-quality ads for getting the most value out of your monetizable traffic.

In-App Purchases: Monetize your app around the world with a global payment service.

Wallet Kit: Be part of the All-in-One Wallet digital lifestyle with convenient access to other businesses and services.

Huawei Mobile Services Statistics:

  • The developer toolkit is available in HMS Core 4.0.
  • HMS Core has a capability of file transfer, Geolocation, security detection, AI, machine learning and data security.
  • Around 400,000 developers joined the ecosystem within four months. It now has around 1.3 million developers.
  • The AppGallery has more than 450 million active users per month as well as 55,000 apps.
  • In spite of the difficulties, Huawei continues to promote HMS in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and other regions.
  • Huawei invested $10 million in Russia to attract local developers.
  • The Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell entered into an agreement with Huawei to sell 1 million HMS smartphones.

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