HuaweiKeyboardAPP listed on the Windows store

Huawei’s MateBook E two-in-one notebook is launching on November 17. According to the Microsoft’s store listing, Huawei has launched an application called HuaweiKeyboardAPP and the official description says “This program is a Huawei keyboard driver and is used to adapt to Huawei tablet keyboards. Only supports designated models of Huawei laptops.”

HuaweiKeyboardAPP Image 1 - HU

From the screenshots of the official application, you can see that the application is suitable for a two-in-one device, which is basically the same as the official poster. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a four-narrow bezel design, and a matching keyboard cover, mouse, and Stylus, equipped with Windows 11 system.

In addition, the keyboard cover has a variety of shapes, or two different keyboards , the keyboard below can be seen equipped with a larger hinge, and a side interface. Some users said that the HuaweiKeyboardAPP application cannot be used on the 2019 MateBook E.



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